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About Us

Development - Training - Research - Consultancy - Respect for the Environment - Innovation TEST

Since 1967 we have been researching, developing, manufacturing washing products and systems to assist and help the cleaner in his splendid job.
What has always distinguished us has been the continuous assistance and training on washing techniques and stain removal methods that we have provided free of charge to our customers.
Today, after almost 50 years, we are ready to support the cleaner in the new challenge of washing clothes with water, always with the same enthusiasm. TEST

Falvo is one of the few companies in the world that produces the full range of specific chemical products for:
Wet Cleaning – Dry cleaning – Water cleaning – Leather cleaning TEST


Falvo is a family business created by Dr. Nicolino Falvo more than 50 years ago and today his son Marcello continues with enthusiasm

Falvo began producing in 1967, when Dr. Falvo was still attending university. Dr. Falvo’s first client was his father, owner of numerous laundries.

Since then, Falvo has seen its customers grow constantly and today it has a significant position on the national market. Since 1995, Falvo has entered the international market and after 5 years it is present and established in many countries.

Falvo has finalized its efforts in the research and development of innovative chemical preparations and washing methods, which largely satisfy:
– The quality and profit requirements sought by the customer;
– The maximum possible hygiene in the workplace;
– The most advanced ecological requirements for respecting the environment.

In fact, Falvo products have been studied and formulated with raw materials that have the least possible impact on the environment and man.

Falvo specializes in Wet Cleaning Acquasi sanitizing washing, dry cleaning, industrial linen washing, smooth and suede leathers.
In these sectors it can boast leading products, which are the result of years of research.
The Falvo industry is very modern and the production systems are state-of-the-art and non-polluting, so much so that Falvo can be defined as the “Clean Factory”.

To make up for the lack of qualifying schools, where anyone can learn or improve in the profession of cleaner of clothes, linen and leathers, Falvo has created a Didactic Training Center within the company where customers and retailers can attend theoretical courses and practical washing. The study center is also equipped with machinery and at the end of the courses, the most deserving of the courses are awarded a certificate of “Expert Cleaner“.

In addition to qualified technical assistance, Falvo offers free to cleaners an excellent advertising material, which advertises the services to customers and helps to increase the profits of the laundry.

Before being placed on the market, Falvo products are tested extensively and only after a rigorous control, which also involves packaging and labeling, are they marketed accompanied by technical data sheets that explain in detail their use, doses, applications and physico-chemical characteristics.
Falvo publishes a technical-scientific magazine: “Pulire Moderno” which it distributes free of charge and with which it informs customers and operators in the sector on the evolution of washing methods, on the discovery of new products, on changes in regulations affecting laundries and on market trends.

Pulire Moderno

La rivista Falvo
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